Day 15: In my family, it’s always me that chooses the theme of Christmas tree decorations each year. I remember a couple of years ago when I saw a really beautiful tree in an outdoor shopping mall. I was like omg I really want that theme for mine. I stood there and was admiring the different balls (lol ahhahaha) and so I decided to go to my absolute favorite Swedish store for decorations, IKEA!!!!!!!! I found the biggest box of red-themed Christmas tree decorations and I also found the IKEA foodcourt and imma tell you, I ate the nices tasting Christmas balls evaaaaaa #parentaladvisoryexplicitcontent (just meatballs but yeah). Now imma give you the best advise to create YOUR beautiful Christmas tree.

That was Day 15 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. I’m actually not sure which theme I will go with this year so if you got any ideas please spam my social media. Hope you will create a special and wonderful Christmas tree cause you know “its the most wonderful time of the year”. Merry Christmas to you all!


Maddie x


Day 14: Do you also wait until the last minute to get the clothes you want for Christmas because you got so much else to do? Well, giiiiirl and boyyyy imma help you out. Here is a list of the stores that deliver your clothes before Christmas!

  • Nelly
    • If you order before the 22nd of December you will have your brand new awesome clothes at yours before the special day
  • Boozt
    • Wanna get some new shirts or even beauty products before the 25th? Order before the 22nd as well.
  • Gant
    • To get your gift from the Gant Santa you need to send your list to him by the 20th of December.
  • Dressman
    • The shirt that your dad really wanted needs to be ordered before the 21st of December so h can get it in time and stop moaning as he does every year.
  • Stadium
    • Ah shit, I forgot to order my brother’s gift. I’ll get him some really cool new shoes just that I order them before the 20th.
  • H&M
    • The Santa workshop that pretty much got everything you could ever wish for. Santas little helpers need at least 5 days to gift wrap your present so make sure you send the list before the 20th.
  • Ellos
    • Sleigh all day with clothes from Ellos. Just make sure to order it by the 21st for guaranteed arrival at yours before Christmas.

That was Day 14 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. Good luck finding the best Christmas outfits or last-minute gifts for your family or yourself. Someone call Santa Claus cause I’m about to sleigh this Christmas shopping.


Maddie x


Day 13: Okay so this is not literate #FireCompanyDon’tSueMePlease. Of course, I’m talking about candles. Candles? yeah, the colorful block placed in a glass cup that smells really nice when you light it. I thought that because it’s Lucia today, it would be great to blog about candles because she is wearing candles in her hair as she was walking I think. Tbh yeah, I’m not that great with historical events but I reckon that’s how the story goes. I am a fan of candles and especially the ones that smell Christmas. I reckon it’s just the cinnamon, cardamon and cloves that they mix in the stearin. I’m gonna give you my list of the best candles for Christmas. I promise you that you will love this!

Yankee candle

This brand is famous for their elegant candles and amazing scents. The Christmas collection is awesome for this period of the year. It doesn’t just make your house smell nice, it also works as a beautiful decoration. These may seem a little bit expensive because, in the end, it’s just a candle right? But believe me “All I Want For Christmas Is A Yankee Candle”. They burn for an eternity as I have never finished a single one of them. The candle can be bought online or in pretty much any interior decorating store.


This brand is another one that is very famous for the elegance of a simple candle. Voluspa creates candles with more variation. They got a wider range of scents, designs, and sizes. I mean who would not be happy to have one of these elegant Christmasy candles in their home?! Swear by this candle. Best gift for your loved ones.

Jo Malone

This Jo Malone candle from London is just lit (hahaha wasn’t even supposed to be a pun). Directly from London I now present you the Jo Malone candle that will look beautiful on your Christmas table. This may be more expensive than the other two but trust me if you see this on sale You. Need. To. Buy. It.

That was Day 13 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. I hope you guys will have a lit Christmas with great smells and happy Lucia to you all <3


Maddie x


Day 12: I know that buying gifts for classmates isn’t always the easiest thing because you never know what to get them right? Secret Santas? Everything seems too perfect or too much or too expensive? Well, you guess if I know exactly what you possibly could buy? Yes, I do!

Cup with tea

Everyone would appreciate a beautiful red designed XL cup with a Christmas design and a bag of loose tea. This gift is a cheap gift that shows elegance, thought, and warmth. When buying this you can also buy a cellophane bag and place it inside and seal it using gift lace.  A great deal for a student to give and receive.

Slippers gift set

If you roughly know the person’s shoe size you can get them a slipper gift set. Fill the slippers with your friend’s favorite candy or things. Mine would definitely be filled with chocolate and nerds. Find candy that is wrapped up in plastic though.


All girls would appreciate and be so happy for a bottle of nail polish. why don’t combine the most Christmasy colors you can fins and tie a bow around them making a gift set? I reckon red, light brown and orange would look nice together.


A pair of earphones is both unisex and cheap. I would recommend this to the friend that always loses things. That person always needs an extra pair to lose.

Ugly Christmas sweater

Tbh yeah, I dunno who this guy is. I found the pic on google but a Christmas sweater is a nice gift. You can probably get them all over the world at any H&M store. They are also pretty cheap. Great tips for you if you don’t know what you could get your friend.

That was Day 14 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. Now you know some possible gifts that you can get your classmates. Good luck with the Christmas shopping!


Maddie x


Day 11: On Tuesdays, we plan for Friday’s party. So I am actually gonna study for pretty much the whole weekend but for all you party animals out there I was gonna give you my absolute best Christmas party ideas. With these tips, you and your mates can have the best party evaaah.

Photobooth Props

Okay, so this is a really fun idea for your photo booth. If you just got a camera or a phone you can take all kinda funny pictures with these. The thing I would do is to print these ones out and glue them to a bbq stick that you grill marshmallows with. Just don’t forget to cut the tip of it so it isn’t sharp if a kid would use it #StaySafeKidz.

Pop up letters

This is actually an idea I had for my birthday party. Either you can buy the premade letters of make one using cardboard. Then you can put nice paper, wrapping paper or paint it in a nice color that you like. I would place this close to the entrance and have pens close to it so every guest that comes can write a cute little message there and you can save it for the future. #WereForMakingGoodMemoriesHere

Christmas bake-off

Who is the best baker between you? Yeah yeah, we all got that friend that thinks she is so good at baking shit and everyone has to pretend they liked it so why not just make it clear that she is shit by having a bake-off?

Gingerbread house making

Are you Santa’s little helper? Well, why don’t you help him bake a gingerbread house? This is a very fun challenge because everyone can help, come up with ideas and build.

That was Day 11 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. I hope you have the best and most awesome party ever thing Christmas!


Maddie x



Day 10: The 25th of November, seventeen years ago I was born. Omg, I feel so old just saying that. A couple of weeks ago was my birthday and I celebrated it with my mom and my younger brother. Mama made me some really nice BBQ chicken and the dinner could not have been any better! Yes let’s not forget the gifts, I got the new DKNY Stories perfume I wanted and I really recommend it. It smells fantastic. I also got a shower foam from Rituals in the scent The Happy Buddha. I have got other products from the same collection and they are so nice, they make your skin smooth and smell nice as well. I also got myself a bracelet that I really liked and I got another bracelet too from one of my mom’s friends. My best friend Nils (yeah the famous one from Pokemon) designed a Madeleine Nordgren merch for my birthday. I am actually really surprised that he remembered what my favorite Americano candy was. Nerds! I said that like a year ago. My other best friend Matt got me some beautiful flowers for my birthday. They smelled so nice. They were sent from the UK so they were a little bit late but I love them. They are still on my desk and I look at them every day and it reminds me about the most amazing day ever. A huge thank you to my amazing family, friends, colleagues, and others for making my day feel so special. I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind and sweet messages I got sent on my birthday. A lot of warming words with love.

Love you guys

Maddie x


Day 9: Omg so it is legit 15 days to Christmas, or for me, it is cause we in Sweden celebrate Christmas on the 24th. Don’t ask me why the old generation was probably just retarded that didn’t know how to count. I’m legit so excited! 16 more posts, I feel like you guys are getting tired of me lol. Now our oranges make our house smell good but we would want some flowers. The flowers tie the rooms together and bring the Christmas feeling into your house. Imma show you the flowers I get.


These flowers smell so good. They come in different colors and you can basically get them at every grocery store or flower store in Stockholm. When they haven’t bloomed yet they look like small onions in a plastic cup but you get the point, after time they start blooming. I like to combine the different colors because they all smell differently. I’m a fan of the blue and white ones. I usually mix 2 blues with one white and then do one pot with one pink, blue and white. They don’t require that much water to survive but now when it’s Christmas time we wouldn’t want to kill our green friends #stayhydratedkids

Poinsettia (also known as the Christmas Eve flower)

This flower is a Swedish tradition and my family always gets one of them. The last one we bought we had for more than a year just that the red leaves started to turn green. I read online that you can give the flower water with red food coloring and place the flower in a dark room until next year if you don’t wanna buy a new one lol. I don’t actually know if that works.

Red roses

My absolute favorite flower ever is the red rose! The flower is suitable for every moment. You always see all Instagram celebrities post there houses filled with big pots of red roses. I love that! A bouquet of red roses is never wrong.

That was Day 9 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. These are my recommendations for your flower decorations but you can always mix and match whichever flowers are your favorites for a personalized Christmas smell.


Maddie x