Day 18: So as it was my birthday a while ago and I wanted to share some freebies you can get when it is your special day.

  1. The jewelry store Glitter gives free silver earrings on your birthday if you become a member of their customer club which is totally free.
  2. Starbucks gives a free coffee of your choice on your birthday if you got their Starbucks app and has registered more than 30 days before your birthday.
  3. The Body Shop gives you a 50 kronor gift card to buy products for if you are a memberĀ of their club.
  4. Want another free coffee? Espresso House also gives you a birthday gift of a free coffee of your choice.
  5. Plantagen gives you 10 free roses on your birthday. Happy Birthday to you!
  6. Something new in the kitchen? Kitch’n celebrates your birthday by giving you a universal whisk.
  7. Rituals will gift you a brand new perfume for your birthday!
  8. Mio will decorate your house by giving you a gift card of 100 kronor.
  9. Lyko will also give you a birthday gift card of 100 kronor for your special occasion.

That was Day 18 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me Check these places out for a free birthday gift for your special occasion. Happy birthday to you!


Maddie x