Day 19: So it’s Christmas day. All the food is laid out, family and friends around the table, all having fun… but what about the drinks? Whilst your Uncle Matt is already on the Vodka shots, what are the under 18’s supposed to drink without getting drunk?! This is my list of some drinks that I really enjoy at the dinner table during this festive period!

Cranberry juice

Cranberry Juice is one of the most common drinks had at Christmas time. Like a lot of drinks on the list, it is very sweet and fruity, and it’s likely that everyone will want a glass, even drunk Matt!

Orange juice
Orange Juice is a citrusy drink, but still, something which can be enjoyed by a lot of people, smooth or with bits. Cheap, but also tasty, and it definitely quenches the thirst of a lot of my family and friends around the table!

Bubbly water

Bubbly Water is one of my absolute favorites. I have this refreshing beverage almost every day, and even at Christmas, it never fails to disappoint! All you need is a SodaStream to make homemade Bubbly Water instantly, which can be supplied for everyone to have. Who doesn’t love Bubbly Water?!

Cranberry Spice

Cranberry Spice is something which I found recently but have yet to try, though it looks very enticing. With the mix of various fruits and spices, it culminates to form a very exciting drink to compliment the vast Christmas feast!


Julmust is a classic Swedish drink which is one of my personal favorites. From first glance, it can fool people, as it looks a lot like Coca-Cola, but it has a very fantastic taste, and in my opinion, it tastes a lot like Christmas, every time I have a sip!

That was Day 19 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. If you decide to get drunk, it’s not my fault! Maybe next year when I turn 18 we can talk about more interesting drinks!


Maddie x