Day 5: At this time I reckon it is very good to send the invitations for Christmas because there is always gonna be an uncle Bob that has a problem with viewing the digital version and an Aunt Bettie that answers late. Ugh, don’t we all have at least one of these annoying people? Well, we need to know exactly who is coming so we can plan our grocery list.

What I do is that I usually send out my invitations digitally because the mail here always gets lost. Mine this year looked like this

I want my theme for Christmas for this year to be red, Oh maw gawd Maddie, Christmas is always supposed to be red. Look yeah, Christmas can also be green and white so shush. I made this one from pics I found on google. I liked the rough wood planks. There were other ones that were a bit “newer” color but I thought that this one would have a good contrast with the other things.

The things I think is important for a Christmas invitation card is for it to be personalized. It should be something that represents you or has a factor of you in it. It shouldn’t just be a card you found on google and you copy and paste your info in the card. I made my card from scratch. The text should be large and clear so even grandma and grandpa can read it with their unfashionable glasses. Obviously, it needs to state what day it is and when the guests should be there. I know at east with my guests that they are always late so that’s why I always put the time one hour before I acc want them to be here so when they are late, they are in time. Please for your own sake, don’t forget to state when you latest want them to answer if they come or not. It’s so annoying that there is always at least one person that answers late like c’mon is it so hard to answer in time?! These are like my best tips for you guys. Imma put some other inspirational pics that I stole from google on here to inspire you <3

That was Day 5 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. Finally, you can send out your Christmas invitations and hopefully, you are full of inspiration and facts so both your uncle, aunt, grandpa, and grandma are attending your party. Dunno if that is a good or bad thing tbh but lol


Maddie x