Day 7: Finally Fridaaaaaay! Okay, so what is better than having a Friday movie night with boo? I’ll be at a work party so no movies for me tonight 🙁 During Christmas time it’s so nice to watch Christmas movies. They go on tv yeah but not always at the best times so imma list my absolute faves for you


OMG, this movie is one of my absolute favorites!!!! Will Ferrell is like the god of Christmas. Elf is legit the best family movie you could ever watch. If you haven’t seen it you deffo must!

The Polar Express

This movie is one of the classics and how can someone not love Tom Hanks? This movie is great for Christmas. I love it!

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Johnny awesome fricking Depp! He and his gang will treat you well in the chocolate factory this Christmas hunny. Who will get the golden ticket? Will the fat blue gal get back to normal and sort out her disgusting chewing gum habit? Yeye you probably already know the answer but still tho.

Home alone

Are you home alone? Then this movie is perfect for you! An old movie but as exciting every year. How does this kid survive like he’s amazing!


Harry Potter

This one is like a bit odd compared to the other ones but during Christmas time I love watching Harry Potter in front of the fireplace and cuddling with a blanket and a cup of tea. I love these movies guys. “It’s leviOsa, not levioSA!”

Disney movies

Gather the family cause it’s Disney time! Bambi is legit bae but all Disney movies remind me of Christmas. Yes, even Pirates of the Caribbean. I love them all!

That was Day 7 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. I hope you guys have some good movie times with your booooooos. Imma have to get ready for my work party now. See you later on my story x


Maddie x