Day 11: On Tuesdays, we plan for Friday’s party. So I am actually gonna study for pretty much the whole weekend but for all you party animals out there I was gonna give you my absolute best Christmas party ideas. With these tips, you and your mates can have the best party evaaah.

Photobooth Props

Okay, so this is a really fun idea for your photo booth. If you just got a camera or a phone you can take all kinda funny pictures with these. The thing I would do is to print these ones out and glue them to a bbq stick that you grill marshmallows¬†with. Just don’t forget to cut the tip of it so it isn’t sharp if a kid would use it #StaySafeKidz.

Pop up letters

This is actually an idea I had for my birthday party. Either you can buy the premade letters of make one using cardboard. Then you can put nice paper, wrapping paper or paint it in a nice color that you like. I would place this close to the entrance and have pens close to it so every guest that comes can write a cute little message there and you can save it for the future. #WereForMakingGoodMemoriesHere

Christmas bake-off

Who is the best baker between you? Yeah yeah, we all got that friend that thinks she is so good at baking shit and everyone has to pretend they liked it so why not just make it clear that she is shit by having a bake-off?

Gingerbread house making

Are you Santa’s little helper? Well, why don’t you help him bake a gingerbread house? This is a very fun challenge because everyone can help, come up with ideas and build.

That was Day 11 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. I hope you have the best and most awesome party ever thing Christmas!


Maddie x