Day 15: In my family, it’s always me that chooses the theme of Christmas tree decorations each year. I remember a couple of years ago when I saw a really beautiful tree in an outdoor shopping mall. I was like omg I really want that theme for mine. I stood there and was admiring the different balls (lol ahhahaha) and so I decided to go to my absolute favorite Swedish store for decorations, IKEA!!!!!!!! I found the biggest box of red-themed Christmas tree decorations and I also found the IKEA foodcourt and imma tell you, I ate the nices tasting Christmas balls evaaaaaa #parentaladvisoryexplicitcontent (just meatballs but yeah). Now imma give you the best advise to create YOUR beautiful Christmas tree.

That was Day 15 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. I’m actually not sure which theme I will go with this year so if you got any ideas please spam my social media. Hope you will create a special and wonderful Christmas tree cause you know “its the most wonderful time of the year”. Merry Christmas to you all!


Maddie x