Day 9: Omg so it is legit 15 days to Christmas, or for me, it is cause we in Sweden celebrate Christmas on the 24th. Don’t ask me why the old generation was probably just retarded that didn’t know how to count. I’m legit so excited! 16 more posts, I feel like you guys are getting tired of me lol. Now our oranges make our house smell good but we would want some flowers. The flowers tie the rooms together and bring the Christmas feeling into your house. Imma show you the flowers I get.


These flowers smell so good. They come in different colors and you can basically get them at every grocery store or flower store in Stockholm. When they haven’t bloomed yet they look like small onions in a plastic cup but you get the point, after time they start blooming. I like to combine the different colors because they all smell differently. I’m a fan of the blue and white ones. I usually mix 2 blues with one white and then do one pot with one pink, blue and white. They don’t require that much water to survive but now when it’s Christmas time we wouldn’t want to kill our green friends #stayhydratedkids

Poinsettia (also known as the Christmas Eve flower)

This flower is a Swedish tradition and my family always gets one of them. The last one we bought we had for more than a year just that the red leaves started to turn green. I read online that you can give the flower water with red food coloring and place the flower in a dark room until next year if you don’t wanna buy a new one lol. I don’t actually know if that works.

Red roses

My absolute favorite flower ever is the red rose! The flower is suitable for every moment. You always see all Instagram celebrities post there houses filled with big pots of red roses. I love that! A bouquet of red roses is never wrong.

That was Day 9 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. These are my recommendations for your flower decorations but you can always mix and match whichever flowers are your favorites for a personalized Christmas smell.


Maddie x