Day 12: I know that buying gifts for classmates isn’t always the easiest thing because you never know what to get them right? Secret Santas? Everything seems too perfect or too much or too expensive? Well, you guess if I know exactly what you possibly could buy? Yes, I do!

Cup with tea

Everyone would appreciate a beautiful red designed XL cup with a Christmas design and a bag of loose tea. This gift is a cheap gift that shows elegance, thought, and warmth. When buying this you can also buy a cellophane bag and place it inside and seal it using gift lace.  A great deal for a student to give and receive.

Slippers gift set

If you roughly know the person’s shoe size you can get them a slipper gift set. Fill the slippers with your friend’s favorite candy or things. Mine would definitely be filled with chocolate and nerds. Find candy that is wrapped up in plastic though.


All girls would appreciate and be so happy for a bottle of nail polish. why don’t combine the most Christmasy colors you can fins and tie a bow around them making a gift set? I reckon red, light brown and orange would look nice together.


A pair of earphones is both unisex and cheap. I would recommend this to the friend that always loses things. That person always needs an extra pair to lose.

Ugly Christmas sweater

Tbh yeah, I dunno who this guy is. I found the pic on google but a Christmas sweater is a nice gift. You can probably get them all over the world at any H&M store. They are also pretty cheap. Great tips for you if you don’t know what you could get your friend.

That was Day 14 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. Now you know some possible gifts that you can get your classmates. Good luck with the Christmas shopping!


Maddie x