Day 20: We all hate going shopping when it’s busy: people are getting in your way, being slow and not knowing what they need to get. JUST GET OUT THE WAY MADDIE NEEDS HER FOOD! Well soon I need to go out and buy the food for my Christmas dinner, but first I wanna share a few tips I consider before going out to the store and getting all my delicious food!

Tip 1: Know what you need to get. It’s always painful when you’re waiting for some old person trying to decide whether to buy the medium sized ham or the small one, then he doesn’t even get one in the end! I always HATE waiting, so that’s why you help other people out by knowing what you need to buy because it saves you time!

Tip 2: Bring someone with you. I always go with my Mama to help with the shopping. Always make sure you have a spare pair of hands to help hold things and also to help find other items of food. It’s always hard trying to find things by yourself, so it’s always good to bring someone with you, who can also make the trip somewhat enjoyable!

Tip 3: Cards at the ready! Whatever you do, ALWAYS get ready to pay at the checkouts! I absolutely HATE when there’s a massive queue, just because silly Brian can’t find his card. Please, just make sure you’re always ready to pay, for me. Thank youuuu xx

That was Day 20 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. I hope you can take my tips into consideration when you’re doing your shopping, and I swear if I see any of you being slow… well, you don’t wanna know what I’ll do!


Maddie x