Day 17: Time to plan for gifts. Not everyone has the opportunity to buy Christmas gifts or feel like it is necessary so I’ll give you my tips of what homemade gifts you can make for Christmas!

Create a Christmas tree out of chocolate. Just use an old bottle and tape them to the bottle. Awesome gift idea for the chocolate lover in the family.

You can do a lot with Mason jars. Create a candle holder and decorate them and maybe bake something and decorate the jar. 

The hot chocolate jar is perfect for this season when it is cold and you just want a cup of hot chocolate after you come home from school. A fast, easy and elegant way of giving a gift.

Who would not love a jar of M&M? Choose the Christmas colors and decorate the jar. Love this idea!

That was Day 17 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. Hopefully, you know what gifts you can make for your family and friends! I also feel like I’m getting a cold 🙁


Maddie x