Day 14: Do you also wait until the last minute to get the clothes you want for Christmas because you got so much else to do? Well, giiiiirl and boyyyy imma help you out. Here is a list of the stores that deliver your clothes before Christmas!

  • Nelly
    • If you order before the 22nd of December you will have your brand new awesome clothes at yours before the special day
  • Boozt
    • Wanna get some new shirts or even beauty products before the 25th? Order before the 22nd as well.
  • Gant
    • To get your gift from the Gant Santa you need to send your list to him by the 20th of December.
  • Dressman
    • The shirt that your dad really wanted needs to be ordered before the 21st of December so h can get it in time and stop moaning as he does every year.
  • Stadium
    • Ah shit, I forgot to order my brother’s gift. I’ll get him some really cool new shoes just that I order them before the 20th.
  • H&M
    • The Santa workshop that pretty much got everything you could ever wish for. Santas little helpers need at least 5 days to gift wrap your present so make sure you send the list before the 20th.
  • Ellos
    • Sleigh all day with clothes from Ellos. Just make sure to order it by the 21st for guaranteed arrival at yours before Christmas.

That was Day 14 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. Good luck finding the best Christmas outfits or last-minute gifts for your family or yourself. Someone call Santa Claus cause I’m about to sleigh this Christmas shopping.


Maddie x