Day 2: Where should you go during Christmas time? Where should you eat? What to see? I have been living in Stockholm all my life, 17 years so trust me, I know the best places. There is so much to do and I’ll make a list of the best places!

Old Town’s Christmas market


Old Town’s Christmas market, started in 1915 and is located at Stortorget which is the oldest square in Stockholm. The Christmas market takes place every year and the square is filled with red small stands where jam, roasted almonds, lottery, hot chocolate, candles, teddy bears, candy canes, churros, handcrafted things, household products, and many more things are being sold. This market usually takes place a month before Christmas till the 23rd of December. Lights and decorations are decorating the Old Town’s houses facades. The environment during this event is cozy. Music is playing, fires are lit and traditional clothes are worn.

NK’s shop window

                 (MyNewDesk) (Maipo)

The Nordic Company is a famous department store located in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Other similar stores to NK is Harrods, UK and Selfridges, UK. You know me, I am a fan of shopping. During Christmas, the store has Christmas sales but this monument is not only good for the shopaholics. The outside is decorated with the most spectacular lights and decorations and every year, their shop windows are specially designed with moving characters that are connected to Christmas. There is usually a designed theme of all the windows and children come there with their parents to take pictures and look at these windows.

Sergels Torg’s Christmas decorations

Sergels Torg, the heart of Stockholm. The square that connects Stockholm. Located at the train stop T-centralen. The square is decorated with Christmas trees, reindeers and much much more. If you have some extra time, you must stop by. Sergels Torg to you all <3

Modern Museum Gingerbread house exhibition 


The Modern Museum is located on one of the nicest islands of Stockholm, Skeppsholmen. During Christmas, they have a gingerbread house exhibition with the most fantastic and amazing gingerbread houses you are ever going to see. Houses that are over 1 meter tall and decorated with candy, powdered sugar, candy canes, marshmallows, meringues and a lot more. This exhibition is worth seeing to get ideas for your own gingerbread house. Go there and come back and build the coolest house ever and impress all your family members on Christmas day!

Ice skating at Kungsträgården 

Put your ice skates on and let’s skate! Kungsträgården, another famous square in Stockholm. Free ice skating here during Christmas time. If you got your own skates then it’s just to put them on and have a good time and if you don’t, there is a place where you can rent. Just remember, be there in good time or your size may not be available. Good luck!

That was Day 2 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. I hope you guys enjoyed and will visit these places during this winter time.


Maddie x