Day 13: Okay so this is not literate #FireCompanyDon’tSueMePlease. Of course, I’m talking about candles. Candles? yeah, the colorful block placed in a glass cup that smells really nice when you light it. I thought that because it’s Lucia today, it would be great to blog about candles because she is wearing candles in her hair as she was walking I think. Tbh yeah, I’m not that great with historical events but I reckon that’s how the story goes. I am a fan of candles and especially the ones that smell Christmas. I reckon it’s just the cinnamon, cardamon and cloves that they mix in the stearin. I’m gonna give you my list of the best candles for Christmas. I promise you that you will love this!

Yankee candle

This brand is famous for their elegant candles and amazing scents. The Christmas collection is awesome for this period of the year. It doesn’t just make your house smell nice, it also works as a beautiful decoration. These may seem a little bit expensive because, in the end, it’s just a candle right? But believe me “All I Want For Christmas Is A Yankee Candle”. They burn for an eternity as I have never finished a single one of them. The candle can be bought online or in pretty much any interior decorating store.


This brand is another one that is very famous for the elegance of a simple candle. Voluspa creates candles with more variation. They got a wider range of scents, designs, and sizes. I mean who would not be happy to have one of these elegant Christmasy candles in their home?! Swear by this candle. Best gift for your loved ones.

Jo Malone

This Jo Malone candle from London is just lit (hahaha wasn’t even supposed to be a pun). Directly from London I now present you the Jo Malone candle that will look beautiful on your Christmas table. This may be more expensive than the other two but trust me if you see this on sale You. Need. To. Buy. It.

That was Day 13 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. I hope you guys will have a lit Christmas with great smells and happy Lucia to you all <3


Maddie x