My bestest friend out of all, the Pokemon world champion, the amazing photographer Nils is the best! He is the star behind these photos and also a lot of the ones on my Instagram.  Shoutout to him @TheAxilotl on Instagram.

Heya guys! So it is just me or is fall the best season of the year? The leaves are starting to get yellow, red and brown and slowly start falling to the ground as time goes on and the beautiful colors make up a perfect background for pictures. The things that I love with this season is that it is getting a bit darker which is nice because it is very easy to create a cozy environment at home and outside. At home, you can light candles while cuddling under a fluffy blanket and meanwhile the fireplace is giving off that nice smell of burnt wood. There are also so many cute things you can bake during this time of the year. Soon comes Halloween and the local grocery store will be selling pumpkins that you can make pumpkin spice out of to make the perfect Halloween inspired Pumpkin Spice Latte. I really love this season so stay tuned for even more pictures out in nature on here and my Instagram. 

Hugs X