Day 10: The 25th of November, seventeen years ago I was born. Omg, I feel so old just saying that. A couple of weeks ago was my birthday and I celebrated it with my mom and my younger brother. Mama made me some really nice BBQ chicken and the dinner could not have been any better! Yes let’s not forget the gifts, I got the new DKNY Stories perfume I wanted and I really recommend it. It smells fantastic. I also got a shower foam from Rituals in the scent The Happy Buddha. I have got other products from the same collection and they are so nice, they make your skin smooth and smell nice as well. I also got myself a bracelet that I really liked and I got another bracelet too from one of my mom’s friends. My best friend Nils (yeah the famous one from Pokemon) designed a Madeleine Nordgren merch for my birthday. I am actually really surprised that he remembered what my favorite Americano candy was. Nerds! I said that like a year ago. My other best friend Matt got me some beautiful flowers for my birthday. They smelled so nice. They were sent from the UK so they were a little bit late but I love them. They are still on my desk and I look at them every day and it reminds me about the most amazing day ever. A huge thank you to my amazing family, friends, colleagues, and others for making my day feel so special. I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind and sweet messages I got sent on my birthday. A lot of warming words with love.

Love you guys

Maddie x