Day 6: Omg you guys I finally up my Christmas lights! They look so amazing Imma show you. So basically yeah I dunno bout the balls hanging from the ring. That was my mom’s idea and I tried talking her out of it but it didn’t quite work as you can tell. Okay like maybe it’s cute to have something red in the house during Christmas but not to hang red balls on the lights like that’s totally a no-no.

Anyways you guys, here are my decorations. If someone knows what method I could possibly use to make my mom hate the red balls and remove them plz DM me. I pray for humanity and my neighbors.

That was day 6 out of 25 days of Christmas with me! I know I posted this one late guys but the thing is yeah, I had a meeting. Love u all


Maddie x



Day 5: At this time I reckon it is very good to send the invitations for Christmas because there is always gonna be an uncle Bob that has a problem with viewing the digital version and an Aunt Bettie that answers late. Ugh, don’t we all have at least one of these annoying people? Well, we need to know exactly who is coming so we can plan our grocery list.

What I do is that I usually send out my invitations digitally because the mail here always gets lost. Mine this year looked like this

I want my theme for Christmas for this year to be red, Oh maw gawd Maddie, Christmas is always supposed to be red. Look yeah, Christmas can also be green and white so shush. I made this one from pics I found on google. I liked the rough wood planks. There were other ones that were a bit “newer” color but I thought that this one would have a good contrast with the other things.

The things I think is important for a Christmas invitation card is for it to be personalized. It should be something that represents you or has a factor of you in it. It shouldn’t just be a card you found on google and you copy and paste your info in the card. I made my card from scratch. The text should be large and clear so even grandma and grandpa can read it with their unfashionable glasses. Obviously, it needs to state what day it is and when the guests should be there. I know at east with my guests that they are always late so that’s why I always put the time one hour before I acc want them to be here so when they are late, they are in time. Please for your own sake, don’t forget to state when you latest want them to answer if they come or not. It’s so annoying that there is always at least one person that answers late like c’mon is it so hard to answer in time?! These are like my best tips for you guys. Imma put some other inspirational pics that I stole from google on here to inspire you <3

That was Day 5 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. Finally, you can send out your Christmas invitations and hopefully, you are full of inspiration and facts so both your uncle, aunt, grandpa, and grandma are attending your party. Dunno if that is a good or bad thing tbh but lol


Maddie x


Day 4: It’s Tuesday and as I’m sitting here writing this post I’m listening to the best Christmas song playlist ever!!!! Okay so now is the time to actually start listening to these songs. I really don’t get the people and the stores that start decorating and selling Christmas things in late October I’m like hello??? Halloween was like yesterday! I’ve been so excited to share these songs with you guys so here are my absolute fave Christmas songs

  • Jingle bells
    • Jingle bells jingle all the way oh how fun it is to read Maddie’s 25 days! Hey!
  • All I want for Christmas
    • Is legit just only chocolate. Nah but Mariah Carey’s song is a tradition even though I would guess that she actually wants material things for Christmas #lilbitofgolddiggeralert
  • We wish you a Merry Christmas
    • The song we all know and hate because it is also a tradition and we learned how to sing this song in kindergarten already.
  • Last Christmas
    • Wham! What a great song. In case you people that aren’t familiar with the singer Wham! that was just a joke because the name is Wham! yeah, u get me. whatever Maddie that wasn’t so funny. Well, guess what, I thought it was hilarious so bare with me.
  • Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
    • Well, let is not please because then SL (Stockholm local traffic (this is for u foreigners that dunno what it is)) will stop working. It’s not even snowing yet and the traffic is still shit. Ugh please snow why do u gotta do this to us???
  • Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
    • This is a classic. Almost as classic as Bambi from Disney. Gotta love these old classics. When I type that sentence I feel so old omg.
  • Santa tell me
    • Ariana, Ariana, Ariana, how can someone not love her? Legit so adorable and her voice is amazing. This is deffo high up my list.
  • Mistletoe
    • This song is god. TB til when Justin Bieber was a young guy and still was the sweet lil Justin all girls fell in love with.

Btw guys, I found these Christmas decorations in a store and the color was so nice like look at it. More pics of how I do my Christmas shopping will come up laterz. x

That was Day 4 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. Now you know exactly which songs you should play during the Christmas holidays! Which one is your favorite?


Maddie x


Day 3: Have you ever sat together with your family and relatives in the living room just looking at each other? Well, you can spice this Christmas up with more than just cinnamon and ginger, play some games! Here are some games you can play during Christmas.


Backgammon, a simple board game played by two people. The point of the game is to get as many checkers of your color as possible in your home. To win, you have to remove all the checkers from the board. A heated game that can go on forever. Plan your moves carefully and you may brag to your family that you won.

Card games

Why not involve everyone and play a round of cards? There are many card games that you can play with your friends and family, for example, cheat, rummy, war, blackjack, casino and many more. All you need is a deck of cards and you are set. Search the rules up and begin playing. It’s your turn!


U no about this card game! This fun game can be played in various ways, electric, add extra cards or just play the og way. Change it up by adding your own customized rules to the game. A fun game that can be played by young and older. Simple and sweet u now! Hahahha x.


Monopoly, the most traditional game played worldwide. If you want your family to argue and fight with each other for the victory, then this is the game for you! #sponsermepleasemonopoly. This game is all about timing, luck, and strategy. Buy streets, buy houses and create hotels and make them all pay!


That was Day 3 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. Now you know exactly what games to play during Christmas to spice it up a little. Note: Monopoly if you see this, email me at I wanna be sponsoreeeeeed.


Maddie x


Day 2: Where should you go during Christmas time? Where should you eat? What to see? I have been living in Stockholm all my life, 17 years so trust me, I know the best places. There is so much to do and I’ll make a list of the best places!

Old Town’s Christmas market


Old Town’s Christmas market, started in 1915 and is located at Stortorget which is the oldest square in Stockholm. The Christmas market takes place every year and the square is filled with red small stands where jam, roasted almonds, lottery, hot chocolate, candles, teddy bears, candy canes, churros, handcrafted things, household products, and many more things are being sold. This market usually takes place a month before Christmas till the 23rd of December. Lights and decorations are decorating the Old Town’s houses facades. The environment during this event is cozy. Music is playing, fires are lit and traditional clothes are worn.

NK’s shop window

                 (MyNewDesk) (Maipo)

The Nordic Company is a famous department store located in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Other similar stores to NK is Harrods, UK and Selfridges, UK. You know me, I am a fan of shopping. During Christmas, the store has Christmas sales but this monument is not only good for the shopaholics. The outside is decorated with the most spectacular lights and decorations and every year, their shop windows are specially designed with moving characters that are connected to Christmas. There is usually a designed theme of all the windows and children come there with their parents to take pictures and look at these windows.

Sergels Torg’s Christmas decorations

Sergels Torg, the heart of Stockholm. The square that connects Stockholm. Located at the train stop T-centralen. The square is decorated with Christmas trees, reindeers and much much more. If you have some extra time, you must stop by. Sergels Torg to you all <3

Modern Museum Gingerbread house exhibition 


The Modern Museum is located on one of the nicest islands of Stockholm, Skeppsholmen. During Christmas, they have a gingerbread house exhibition with the most fantastic and amazing gingerbread houses you are ever going to see. Houses that are over 1 meter tall and decorated with candy, powdered sugar, candy canes, marshmallows, meringues and a lot more. This exhibition is worth seeing to get ideas for your own gingerbread house. Go there and come back and build the coolest house ever and impress all your family members on Christmas day!

Ice skating at Kungsträgården 

Put your ice skates on and let’s skate! Kungsträgården, another famous square in Stockholm. Free ice skating here during Christmas time. If you got your own skates then it’s just to put them on and have a good time and if you don’t, there is a place where you can rent. Just remember, be there in good time or your size may not be available. Good luck!

That was Day 2 of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. I hope you guys enjoyed and will visit these places during this winter time.


Maddie x


Day 1: My dear dear readers, Christmas is finally coming in 25 days. I know that I haven’t really been posting consistently so I figured, why not just make a 25 days of Christmas countdown with me and I will show you so many things, tips and tricks you can do during this wonderful time of the year. Check my Instagram for a daily post and also my snapchat for behind the scene footage of all my posts. You can also check the 25 Days Of Christmas category on my website to scroll through your favorite posts. I hope all of you will enjoy this and have a wonderful Christmas together with me.

That was Day 1 out of 25 days of Christmas 2018 with me. I am so excited for you to see what I have been working on for you guys.


Maddie x



My bestest friend out of all, the Pokemon world champion, the amazing photographer Nils is the best! He is the star behind these photos and also a lot of the ones on my Instagram.  Shoutout to him @TheAxilotl on Instagram.

Heya guys! So it is just me or is fall the best season of the year? The leaves are starting to get yellow, red and brown and slowly start falling to the ground as time goes on and the beautiful colors make up a perfect background for pictures. The things that I love with this season is that it is getting a bit darker which is nice because it is very easy to create a cozy environment at home and outside. At home, you can light candles while cuddling under a fluffy blanket and meanwhile the fireplace is giving off that nice smell of burnt wood. There are also so many cute things you can bake during this time of the year. Soon comes Halloween and the local grocery store will be selling pumpkins that you can make pumpkin spice out of to make the perfect Halloween inspired Pumpkin Spice Latte. I really love this season so stay tuned for even more pictures out in nature on here and my Instagram. 

Hugs X