Happy New Year!

Welcome 2018, and bye 2017. I have some new thoughts and hopes for this year and as everyone else, I made some new years resolutions for myself and I hope that I will be able to accomplish these. First I want to upload more blog post, youtube videos, and pictures on social media because I feel like I haven’t updated in a while and apparently there are a lot of you guys that read my blog by looking at last years read stats. I need your help to know what you like to read about though, about favorite products, interior design, restaurants, my outfits, my daily life etc.

Also, I also want to take the time to experience things together with my friends and family and not always study, work or be stressed. I feel like I stress a lot and I have to beĀ at many different places all the time and that I don’t spend enough time with my loved ones.

I wish for all of you to be blessed & have a great 2018, love u lots x!