Heya fam!

Back to London for the third year in a row! People always ask me why I go back to the same city and live at the exact same place year after year. The answer is that I am in love with the city and the Kensington & Chelsea area. Everyone in this amazing city is so nice and helpful. I don’t only love the people, I love the vibe, the houses and that it things actually happen. It’s a city that is moving all the time. Where I live, in Stockholm everyone goes home at like 10 pm. In London, you find people out walking or running at 2 am.

When I go to London, I only go there for shopping and not to see the famous tourist attractions but I usually fit one or two in our fully packed schedule. This year we went to Buckingham Palace. It is a  beautiful place and it is really close to Victoria Station and Victoria Coach Station where the National Express coaches leaves to the airports.

As everyone probably already knows is London famous for its bad weather but this year it was sunny almost every day except one day where it was a little rainy. London and the UK treated us very nicely so we have future plans to come back and stay a bit longer, so to all my friends there hmu.

There is going to be another blog post with pictures of the clothes and other things I bought so stay tuned for that but here are some pictures from my trip to London 2018 <3